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Best Blenders of 2017 to Blend Smoothies and More

Are you out looking for a blender? Then this guide to the best blenders on the market will point you to the right direction. The blenders on this list have been tested on its ability to blend smoothies, soups, nut butters, crush ice etc. The list is ranked in ascending order in terms of quality. Now read on! 

10. Vitamix 5200 This blender with its stainless steel blades and 64 ounce cup is a decent blender which creates the right consistency for soups and smoothies. It features a cord wrap which is handy for keeping your counter tops less cluttered, however it is not dishwasher safe. 
9. Vitamix CIA Even though there are far more powerful blenders out there, this is still a pretty good blender, especially if you make a lot of smoothies. This blender is endorsed by the Culinary Institute of America and can puree, crush, whip, mix and blend soups, smoothies, salsas and nut butters. One big drawback is that it doesn’t have a single serve jar which means that every time you make more than one serving, you’ll have to wash it with every use 
8. Blendtec 625 This blender creates the perfect texture for almost everything apart from smoothies. The smoothies had a nice consistency but it could be better. This blender is sophisticated with several controls to create healthy meals. It is easy to clean because of its control panel but its cord wrap makes it hard to store. 
7. Ninja Professional NJ600 This blender is amazing at making smoothies, but butters and soups are not its strong suits. This blender is equipped to handle any kind of blending job. It uses 1000 watts and has stainless steel blades. Its pitcher is very large at 72 ounce making it ideal for preparing large quantities of food. 
6. NutriBullet RX This extremely powerful machine uses 1700 watts to blend any fruit, nut or vegetables. However, it didn’t create that smooth consistency as fast as the other blenders. While this is great at cutting down food, it is slow at consistency. It is also the loudest blender in our list. 
5. KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender Review This sturdy blender has Intelli-Speed motor control and can liquidate, chop, puree, mix, stir any kind of food. It can crush ice easily and is very well equipped. Unfortunately, only smoothies work well with this blender. 
4. Oster Versa This blender is one of the best blenders in the market. It is very easy to use and doesn’t make a lot of sound. It uses 1400 watts for all kinds of products. However, there are more powerful blenders out there and this product leaves big chunks of fruit in the smoothie, which cost this blender points. 
3. Dash Chef Digital Blender This blender works amazing at food processing, blending and juicing, making it the ideal multipurpose blender. It has preset function for the type of food you want and is very easily one of the best blenders in the market. It creates smoothies and nut butter to almost perfection. Its only downside is that it is too tall, making it hard to store. 
2. Nutri Ninja Duo This blender is great value for money because it gives the ease of a single serving blender but packs the power of a much higher appliance. This unit had three pitchers for blending, two of which are used for drinking. It is very convenient for a smoothie when you are in a rush. It is also great at ice crushing when you want a cold drink. However, its automatic blending feature is a bit hard to understand at first. Also, it doesn’t make soups as hot as it should be, which is another con for this blender. 
1.Cuisinart Hurricane The Cuisinart is far better at crushing vegetables and fruits for smoothies and soup. It belts out hot soup and smooth drinks at every use It is also easy to use and has a long warranty which inspires confidence. It is also very easy to maintain and clean. On the con side, there are other machines on this list which are better at crushing ice than this appliance. It is also very compact and very quiet compared to the other machines on this list, but it does a far better job at creating soups and smoothies, making it the best blender on our list

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