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Best Blenders for 2018

When you think of the best blender, you want a blender that does the job. You want a top blender which is lid tight so that the liquid does not spill out of the blender. There is also the multiple speed settings and the multiple types of blender cups that are available to someone who has a blender.

To help you with these suggestions, we have put up a list of the top blenders on the market in 2018. All of these blenders on the list are in no particular order. That is because each blender has its own qualities that cannot be compared to other blenders. It is up to you to look at each individual blender and decide whether you like it.


Here they are:

  1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender.

This blender is something to marvel at. If you are one of those people who use a blender every day, especially those who need them for a commercial kitchen, then this blender is for you. It is such a good product, that all those cheap blenders will never compare to the strength and blend speed that this blender has.

Here are the aspects of this blender that you should be aware of:

  • Has a high speed
  • Using a tamper can push the food down the blender, making the process easier and quicker.
  • Can adjust the speed to different types of foods.
  • Can be cleaned very well.

Overall, this is a good blender, one of the best blender to be released in 2016.

  1. Blend Tec Designer Series Wild Side.

This blender is definitely one that you should consider if you want a blender which is tough and can mix food very well. Very similar to the Vitamix, which is why you should do your own research on your own by finding out more about the features of the Blend Tec.

Here are the features which make it comparable, or even better than the Vitamix.

  • High speed; can blend difficult ingredients together.
  • Smaller and compact than the Vitamix; easier to store in the cupboard.
  • Unique design means that tamper is not essential.
  • Wide base means food can be cleaned out better than a cheap blender.

If you want a powerful blender which is small, compact, easy to clean and has a unique design, then definitely consider the Blend Tec Blender.

  1. Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker

This type of blender is one very special type of blender – it shaves ice.

You may think that this is odd, but there is a perfectly good reason for this. The Margaritaville blender is a frozen smoothie blender.

Its main qualities are that it can break down ice very easily and it is dishwasher safe. So that means that you can have the best smoothies or cocktails, every time. No need to use one of those cheap blenders which do not break down ice properly and

If you are one of those people who wants to have great smoothies every morning or at least have a cocktail once in an every while; choose this blender.

If you are one of those people who wants a blender to do more than this, then let’s move onto the next one.

  1. Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa Powerful Performance Blender, Black.

For those who do not understand what kind of blender you are looking at, it is very simple. You are looking at the Vitamix Blender – for half price.

This blender, though, is quite amazing in its own right. It can blend quite a lot of different types of foods such as nuts, butter, smoothies, and cocktails.

Apart from that; there are some specific features that make it sound less like a Vitamix.

Also, as a bonus, you get a free recipe book. This is a book that you can use to show your friends one night and make great recipes from the cookbook.

Overall, a great blender from Oster.

We have now learned about the best blenders for 2017 for 2017. If you aren’t happy with this list, then go ahead and do your own research. Compare other products to each other and come up with your own decisions.

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