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Best coffee makers available on the market

Think of getting a new coffee maker, but you’re not an expert. All you know is you like your coffee black, strong and in the morning when is quiet. Finding the best coffee maker for individual needs can be a challenge. There is a large variety of the coffee makers, and prices can go from affordable to unimaginable. What we all look for in a coffee maker is its; does it make good coffee, and does it take a lot of space. Professional coffee machines require additional care and tools to use them. Having to do all prep and deep cleaning after is not the best option to start a day. Having our morning dose of caffeine in the coffee shops is also not the best saving option. Investing some money in the home coffee maker for our personal needs might be a good solution. So in the morning all you need is to press the button while still in pajamas.


Our Pick

The Cuisinart DCC-2650

For a $95US you are getting a real serious piece of equipment for all your coffee needs.

It can make up to 12 cups of coffee during a different time of a day. You can set the timer on preferred time. It keeps your coffee at the temperature you like, and the best part is it has a self-cleaning function. Also, it has a charcoal filter and shutoff feature in 0-4 hours. Cuisinart coffee maker fits into the group of medium-sized machines. It has a compact shape, and it fits in most of the kitchen surfaces.

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker System

If you need more than one cup of hot coffee during the day, there is a solution- Mr.Coffee Optimal Brew will keep the coffee hot and tasty during the whole day. The carafe is made out of thermal stainless steel. A light indicator will tell when is the time for cleaning. The coffee maker is not a smaller one you can get, but for a medium size kitchen, it is perfect size and shape. It comes at the price of 60$. This is a long-lasting and high-quality machine, and it is always listed as one of the best coffee makers when it comes to usage, size, and quality of fresh coffee you get.

KitchenAid 12-Cup Coffee Maker in Onyx Black

This is a great size coffee maker made by KitchenAid.

Kitchen Aid is well known for his beautiful and efficient kitchen appliances. And coffee maker si no different. The coffee maker is a silk and easy to use. It allows you to set the timer and have a freshly brewed coffee at the time you want. You can pause brewing time and continue later in case you need just one cup at given moment. It is not taking a lot of space. Usage is straightforward like using any drip coffee machine and price compared to quality is great. This coffee machine comes in the of $100 US.

Bunn MY coffee

If you’re looking something more convenient to cover your coffee and tea needs you might think about Bunn MY coffee MCU. This coffee maker can use fresh coffee grounds, convenient coffee pods or K-cups. Also, it makes tea. If you like to have different types of coffee during the day, this might be an option. The downside is it has additional parts. It is a smaller size coffee maker, but it requires storage. For different types of coffee, you’ll need to use different brew heads. It comes with the prices of $160US. Bunn My Coffee is the perfect coffee maker for a versatile family where anyone can get coffee they like.

Chemex Ottomatic

Coffee lovers will say there is not a thing called just coffee. It is not just a dark liquid to get you through the morning. That is why Chemex created this beautiful hi-tech state of art coffee maker. If you are a fan of Chemex coffee, this might be a right choice. It comes in the range of more expensive home coffee makers, $330. With its size, it is also in the group of slightly bigger coffee makers, but it will look great in any kitchen. This coffee maker works on pour over system, where coffee machine heats the water to perfect temperature. When the water is perfect, one or two head system will pour the water over the fresh coffee. Chemex Ottomatic makes excellent fresh and smooth coffee you can enjoy during the day.

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