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The Best Tumble Dryers for 2018

The tumble dryer is a modern marvel, it is used to dry large piles of textiles in a flash. For anyone who does large amounts of laundry or even those who do small amounts, you want to spend the least amount of time possible to get your laundry clean, dry and put away. However, finding the perfect fit for your life can be a difficult task.

Every tumble dryer is not created equal. Customers are looking for machines that are energy efficient and also dry their clothes in a flash. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a new tumble dryer.

When looking for a good tumble dryer you will want a model that has good drying power, dries quickly but is also energy efficient, saving you money on your electricity bill. The best tumble driers take 15 to 20 minutes to dry one kilo of clothing while the worst take over 30 minutes. The best dryers also won’t leave clothing excessively creased and will run relatively quietly.

According to customers, the best tumble dryers remain completely free of issues for at least six years and 93% of a good brand’s models remain issue free after ten years of ownership. Look for this reliability standard when shopping for a tumble dryer.

The worst tumble dryers leave your clothing damp because they have weak drying power, which makes drying with them take longer and it uses more energy.

When buying a dryer, you can pick between a vented dryer, heat-pump, gas and condenser. The vented is the most traditional and the cheapest, however it comes with a hose that must go outside so the dryer must be placed near a window or have its hose permanently put through a wall, so placement can be tricky. On the other hand, the condenser doesn’t require venting instead they condense the damp air and collect it in a removable reservoir. The heat-pump is similar to the condenser but with better technology, which makes them more energy efficient. However, they are the most expensive of the four. Lastly, the gas tumble dryer is the most energy-efficient but they are pricey to install.

Other features to look for when buying a dryer are whether it is manual or automatic, the size of the drum and the design.  Here are the top four choices for 2018:


Grundig GTN38240GCW

This dryer caries a max load of 8kgs uses heat-pump technology and has 16 programmes for a wide variety of materials. Its automatic sensor technology allows the dryer to stop when the clothes are dry versus setting a timer. It is efficient and cheap to run but it is not the quickest of the bunch and is a little noisy.


Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco

This unit is also a heat-pump dryer with a max load of 8kg and 16 programmes. It has automatic sensors that switch the dryer off when the clothes are dry but it also offers manual timer options. It is energy efficient but not quiet.


Blomberg LTS2832W

Also a heat-pump dryer, this model has a max load of 8kg and 16 programmes. It has automatic sensors and it is energy efficient. The only drawback is its one direction spin cycle which results in increased creasing in your clothing.


Samsung DV90M5000IW

This model has the largest drum with a max load of 9kg but has fewer programmes at 14. It is also heat-pump technology with automatic sensors. It is energy efficient and dries evenly in a short amount of time.

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