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Best Vacuum Cleaner Options For you

The best vacuum cleaner can easily make your cleaning job a breeze. In this vacuum cleaner round up we’ve covered all types, bagless machines, bagged models, cylinders, cordless vacuums and uprights. This roundup includes several brands, such as Shark, Miele, Vax, and Dyson. All these models have been tested by experts.


Numatic Henry HVR200-A2 AutoSave Eco Red

Henry from Numatic is a famous vacuum cleaner brand on the market. It’s popular because it’s sturdy and makes a great workhorse for small homes, shops and offices. It’s best vacuum cleaner that inexpensive to boot.

One of the best features of this vacuum cleaner is its huge 9 liter capacity bag that means you won’t have to empty it too often. It’s a great cleaner on all surfaces. It struggles a bit on edge cleaning, but then it cost just a fraction of price and the included crevice tool does the job in the best possible way. However, the only con of this machine is that it’s bit heavy (8.5 kg) making it a poor choice for anyone with a bad back.

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline

The Miele C3 is the best vacuum cleaner that’s an expert in cleaning pet hair. It works well on hard floors as well. All its tools are stored overboard, which makes handling easy. Its built-in pet odor filter reduces pet smells as you clean. Its smart design makes it super easy to use, and its pet odor system works brilliantly.

It’s the best option if you prefer smaller cleaner. It has a basic design, and a small 3.5 liter bag. It also weighs less.

Sebo Felix Vogue Eco

It’s highly popular vacuum upright vacuum cleaner that can tackle pet hair and carpets with ease. Particularly impressive is its low sounding 700w power output.

This vacuum comes with a special L shaped power brush head which allows it to fit under tricky areas. It has another great trick too, its main body can easily drop right down to floor to allow easier access under beds, tables and sofas. Overall, it’s a stylish and great upright vac.

Vax Air Cordless Lift

The new Vax Air Cordless Lift is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market that swiftly switches between being handheld and normal upright. Its main portion lifts away, os you can carry this best vacuum cleaner around easily. It’s a nice feature.

Vax comes with two batteries so you can continue using it while other battery is being charged. Its combined runtime of 50 minutes is great-sufficient to clean two-bedroom house.

It can also clean hard floors and can pick up pet hair on carpets effortlessly. The only downside is its poor efficiency in cleaning edges on carpets. That means you need to use crevice tool to clean near skirting boards, whereas good corded models can do this in just one go.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is big and powerful. It’s a more effective upright vacuum. It can clean everything in its path and can leave your carpets looking pristine. It’s the best dyson vacuum cleaner for a large, busy household.

It also request minimal maintenance. Its cleaver new mechanism means there’s no traditional filter, so there’s no need to clean and dry the filter. All you need to do is to empty its generous 2.19-litre dustbin.

On the downside, it’s slightly heavy-it weights 8.6kg. It can still maneuver easily thanks to its low-center of gravity and ball design.

The Miele Complete C3 Total Solution

The new Miele Complete C3 Total Solution is similar in features to Miele C3 Cat and Dog we’d discussed just now. The main difference is that it uses a special 11-stage pollen and dust filter instead of pet odor filter. This makes it best for allergy sufferers, as it can easily retain up to 99.99 percent pollen and dust.

DC54 Animal

The DC54 is bit noisier, but its benefits outweigh this problem. It can clean pet hair much faster and in a more effective way than other cleaners. It is also four times faster than other machines and can clean your carpets brilliantly right up to the edges of skirting boards.

You’d love its tools too. Its handheld tangle free pet hair tool can clean stairs, sofas and dog beds. It also has two further heads for cleaning hard floors and carpets. They’re easily maneuverable and can clean brilliantly. It’s the best vacuum cleaner that doesn’t use any standard filter. That means it’s completely maintenance free.

Shark NV680UKT

The Shark NV680UKT is definitely a versatile all rounder that is suitable for all homes. Even though it’s an corded upright vacuum, it also has a special “lift-away” main body that can be carried easily up and down the stairs.

It comes with range of useful tools, including a cute turbo brush for spot-cleaning sofas, stairs, and other furniture. It also has a dedicated hard floor attachment with a microfiber cleaning pad. It can easily clean stairs, but its only downside is its relatively small 1-litre bin.

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