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Best Washing Machine Brands

When it comes to the performance of washing machine brands, you have to do your research to buy the right washing machine for your situation and your budget. If you are buying for a huge family, then you will have to factor size and lifespan. If you are living alone, you might decide to buy a small size.

Some people like to have washing machines with high energy efficiency and quickness. Whichever it is you want; it is a hassle when it comes to finding the right type of washing machine.

That is why we will be presenting to you now the three best washing machine brands for 2016. We have chosen brands from a broad range of brands and with a variety of different styles of washing machines.


Here they are:


This washing machine is one of the best when it comes to electrical efficiency, due to its A+++ rating. Standing at 7 kg, and having a $50 operating cost every year; this machine is great if you want value for money then match it.

Although it does not have the advanced features that some more modern models, this washing machine has excellent wash performance and the controls are easy to use. Plus, when the washing machine spins, it is quiet. However, the only major complaint of this washing machine is that it takes a long time for the wash cycle to be completed.

Overall, this is a great device for people who do not want frivolous features and just want a washing machine which does the job without a fault.

  1. LG F14U1TBS2

This is a washing machine with a huge load. It has an 8kg drum which makes it possible to have up to 40 pieces of clothing in the washer.

Excellent wash performance and electrical efficiency. Has great technology incorporated such as a touch screen and an NFC smartphone line-up so you can control your washing machine from your phone?

Although it has a price tag over $1000, this is a great machine for great value based on one feature – the steam action system. This is a system where you use steam to clean your clothes. There are two options, steam refresh where you lightly steam your clothes to remove the germs and odors which can be found on clothes. Then there is steam softener, which is basically where you use steam instead of fabric softener to soften your clothes.

Ideal for families on a mid-range budget but would like to use steam as a tool for cleaning their clothes.

  1. SAMSUNG WW80H7410EW

This is a washing machine that can deliver a great wash performance and have excellent spin efficiency. What will impress you more is that this washing machine is quiet and is easy to use all the time. That means even the biggest novices can wash their own clothes.

One of the reasons that you should consider buying this washing machine is that it has the Samsung Eco Bubble System where air and bubbles are generated before the clothes enter the drum. In that way, the bubbles act as a detergent which allows better penetration of particles and odors.

The another reason why you need to consider this washing machine is that it has low maintenance due to the brushless design. Also, there is a digital inverter motor which creates energy efficiency like no other washing machine on the market. This saves you energy bills in the long run.

If you are a person who is looking for a relatively well-made washing machine which has an easy wash performance, then definitely check out this Samsung washing machine.


As always, you should do more research into other washing machine brands out there. No one washing machine will suit an individual or a family. It is up to you to find out about the types of washing machine brands out there.

A good place to continue your search is by finding price comparison websites. You can compare the prices of certain brands and the pros and cons of each washing machine.

Or definitely better, go visit your local store and talk to a sales representative. They have the knowledge to help you find the best washing machine available.

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