Commanding Blenders that are in a Class of Their Own

Hamilton Beach Smoothie smart Blender

This low budget blender presents you with the deft smoothie-making prowess obtainable from the other high-end models like Vitamix. No doubt, you’ll be faced with more versatile and aesthetically dazzling choices when considering a blender purchase, but this option’s usability and design makes for the glossy preparation of not only simple recipes such as mango mint and coconut smoothies, but also of complex meals like pesos as well. While taking upminimal space on the counter, it can hold as much food as the other blenders.

Design and Utility

Featuring a black, silver finish, the Hamilton Beach blender is 14.5 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 8.5 inches deep. It’s glass pitcher is 48 ounce. It’s operation buttons are designed with minimal fancy, making for seamless reading and usage. You can pour out blended contents through a spout on the lid without having to remove the top entirely. Also counting toward it’s simple design is its jar’s sleek handle, which allows for comfortable lifting.


Despite following instructions in the user manual on how best to use the blender, you might figure it takes a
greater deal of pulsing for the crushed content to attain consistency. However, you can count on Hamilton Beach to perform on par with the other best blenders such as the Ninja and Vitamix in seamlessly churning
out fine almond flour. But you shouldn’t get your hopes too high for it’s effectiveness in making almond butter. Also, Hamilton Bleach might not be the best blender for making whipped cream, but in the absence of a mixer it can put a great tasting whipped cream on your dining table. You can also expect to get great results from using the appliance for Pancake batter, although some pancake lumps can get stuck at the bottom, and might require the use of a spatula to extract them. The KitchenAid and Ninja Nutri models are more suitable if heavy duty cheese crushing is part of your recipe. However, if you chop the cheese into tiny bits, other than a few inconveniences like some chunks escaping into the pitcher, you should expect to get fair results from using the Hamilton Blender to squash cheese.

The Pros

If your needs do not go beyond basic cooking, this blender will serve you perfectly, and you might figure it performs as efficiently as any of the high-end models. Washing it won’t be a hassle, as it can be dismantled into pieces small enough to fit into a dishwasher or to be easily cleaned manually.

The Cons

Though it’s overall performance is incredible considering it’s price, the other more expensive brands, as you would expect, outshine it in many ways.


The Hamilton Beach blender definitely is the dark horse in the race, but considering it’s closest rival in terms of price, KitchenAid, costs $149, it truly deserves pride of place among the best blenders. It does great with light recipes such as whipped cream and smoothies. For a low budget alternative like this, you’ll have little to complain about except you’re expecting heaven and earth from it.

Vitamix 7500

The Vita-Mix establishment’s track record of exploits goes way back to the mid-20th century, and is trundling on today’s world. With the monumental weight of this history backing it, the company has come up with a
premium release that costs $300 more than other similar products in the market place. But what gives credence to this latest move by the company to break away from the pack? Some users may swear by the product, but there are others who reckon the setup is excessive. If you’re one for emotional eating, this product will be a great foot soldier. But be it as it may, it is advisable to consider other pocket-friendly, surefire options like the Breville hemisphere or the Ninja Ultima, before reaching out for Vitamax.


This dynamic beast has a 2.2 horsepower motor that can spin it’s speck-splitting blades at about 37,000rmp, and boasts a wattage of 1,440 watts. Additionally, it comes with a dexterously compiled cook book that contains hundreds of recipes for just about any eating habit. When compared with it’s competitors on the basis of various uses like making smoothies and flours, it’s not a world apart from them. But it’s specialty really lies in the complex recipes. Whereas other competing models like the Ninja and Cuisinart require more than 10 pulses to churn out pesto with smooth uniformity, Vitamix produces same with only just a few pulses. It also substantially outperformed the rest in making almond flour and converting it into spreadable butter.

Utility and Maintainance

The product’s design makes for a simple usage. It takes only three steps to blend your food content: fill jar with the ingredients, close the lid tightly, and hit the switch. The user manual states that it’s best to start blending from the lowest speed, then make increments to choice levels gradually. Pulsing ingredients is as simple as pressing on pulse switch multiple times until the desired texture is attained.


It is indisputably one of the best blenders with surefire power and simplicity of design. It comes with 7-year warranty that can be extended to 10 years for an extra $75. Though it’s jar and lid are not suitable for dishwashers, they do make for easy cleaning.


It’s really not a world apart from it’s cheaper rivals, considering the huge difference in price. It’s simple design has precluded a presets and timers.


Users of Vitamix belong to the most satisfied lot, and continue to laud it’s impressiveness. But they are no different from users of much cheaper brands like Ninja who’ll be unwilling to pay $100’s in addition for a powerful blender.

Ninja Nutri Ninja BL450

Not only does this $90 model produce smoothies at just about the same quality and rate as $400 and $500 alternatives, it is also ranked as one of the best blenders by “Nutrient Extraction” advocates. It comes with a
portable single-serving holder for a jar. The $50 difference between it’s price and that of the Hamilton Beach blender may be justified by it’s improved speed and design, but this point might not be strong enough to sway some.

Utility and Design

This is one of the cheaper among the Ninja models because it’s power output is scaled back from 1500 watts of the Ultima model to 900. It’s sleek design makes for easy use. It’s blade can spin at 21,000rmp. It comes with a 24-ounce and 18 ounce containers. The product is even purported to have an extractor blade, the first of it’s kind, which peels seed skins and stems to lay bare their nutrients. Another cool feature is the blending jars that can be carried around as a drinking cup. You can wash the cups, lids and blade attachments in the dishwasher, and clean the the base by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Key Features

The Nutri Ninja blender is not well-suited for multipurpose blending, as it comes short of enough rooms and functions. The 900 watt power capacity could only do so much, thus the capacity to make complex dishes must be the sacrificed for the cheaper price.


You might be disappointed to find that large particles are easily stuck in the container while being blended, even though the blades are purported to be highly efficient. But it can handle dry blending as effectively as it handles light, watery ingredient, as long as you’re minimal with the quantity processed in a bout.


It well deservedly sits among the best blenders in terms of basic functionalities. It’s small size and sleek design makes for easy usage and maintenance.


It is ill-suited for multi-tasks and dry blending, due to the downside of it’s single-serve design.


The Nutri Ninja is designed to strike a balance between high-power output and streamlined design that keeps the price pocket-friendly. Other than occasional inconveniences that may stems mainly from it’s lack of
multitasking capacity, it sure does tick all the boxes for a great blender at a budget friendly prices.

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