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Essential Considerations to Put In Place When Purchasing the Best Washing Machine in 2017

The Best Washing Machines are the heart of the home nowadays. Laundry for a family is quite bothersome if one does not have an effective washing machine to comfortably handle the laundry. The main items to look at when handling laundry are as follows but not limited to: 


  • Kilos that the machine can handle.


  • Electricity Consumption.


  • Standard front and top loader sizes.


  • Efficiency.




The front load washers are normally opened from the front part with the top load washers being opened from the top. This difference plays a major role when one is purchasing the machine as one’s washing can either be front or top load either. The buyer will choose the one that fits best with their needs thereby influencing their decision. 

Size and kilos that the machine can handle 


Front and top loader washers take some room, this is because most front load models have the mouth like displays. Top load models, on the other hand, have displays mounted at the back. Front loaders also have optional kits that you can match to the dryer over the washer. This aids in using the little space that is there to fit the machine.  


The size of the washing drum denotes the weight it can take of the laundry. A standard size of a front and top loader drum with is 4 to 5 cubic feet can take up to 8 pounds of laundry. One can estimate their daily laundry needs translate to their weekly needs and see whether the desired washing machine is adequate to hold their laundry. 



Top load washers are known to be less efficient mainly because they use more water as compared to the front loaders. Front load washers can use on average 8.78 gallons of water for each load while top load washers use around 16 -17 gallons of water per load.

Top Loading Machines  


Models that are agitators cost far much less and are normally known to be faster than the typical top-loading machines that do not have agitators also known as washing machines with high efficiency. Most of the machines considered to be high efficiency are way better in cleaning; they use less water than most and have the capacity to take in more laundry as well. 


High-efficiency machines are faster at spinning and such drain more water and dry faster. Spinning, however, can lead to clothes getting spoilt so it’s not encouraged to be done more often than not. A downside of front loaders is that they develop mold which could be as a result of water collecting in the folders which are placed in the rubber gasket found in the machine entry. 

Front – Load Washing Machine 


It’s more often than not an expensive option. These machines have undergone great innovations over the years to a point where dual washers are now quite available. These machines can clean way better and in even in a gentler manner as compared to the high-efficiency top loading machines for buyers as its multiple savings in the making. The only demerit with these machines is that they take longer than high-efficiency machines.  

The plus side in as much as they are slow in washing, they spin faster and remove more water hence using less time in drying laundry. The high level of spinning and the way in which they spin makes the machines vibrate as laundry is being washed. Concrete floors would be appropriate for this, unlike wood framed floors which would not handle the vibration well. 



Washing machines are designed to fit the different needs. Consumers peg their purchases primarily based on the price. That said consumers can stretch their budgets if the machines strictly match and fit their needs. An efficient machine outweighs price to consumers on many occasions and when this happens consumers assess their needs and what the machine can do and marry the two.  


If the price is a dominant factor in choosing the washing machine, the consumer will opt for the machine that not necessarily fit their needs but fits their pocket. In this case, a lot is taken into consideration in terms of how the machine works and the level of efficiency of the machine as the consumer does not want to lose out on everything. 

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