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How To Clean a Coffee Maker

If you are like me and can’t survive the mornings without your cup of coffee, then you know how important it is that first sip taste like the heaven you expect it to. My family knows not to even talk to me in the morning until I’ve had that first sip. So if I am spitting it out because it tastes stale, then they know trouble is a brewing.

You don’t have to let stale coffee ruin your day though. It all comes down to keeping a sparkling clean coffee maker. We all know that life gets so busy that we start taking short cuts when prepping the coffeemaker each night, but the problem is, you can start to taste the difference in your cup. Avoid putting a damper on your morning routine, by making sure you clean your coffee maker in a regular fashion.

The freshness of your cup of coffee can be affected by things like water spots, staining and mineral buildup. If you let old coffee sit for a long time in the carafe and only give it a quick rinse each morning before starting up the coffee maker again, then you are not getting the freshest cup of coffee that you deserve.


Right now, you are probably thinking, well I don’t have time for a complicated cleaning process for one more thing in my life! Don’t worry maintaining a clean coffee maker does not require a degree in rocket science. There are no complicated tools to buy or long manuals to read.

Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • First, gather the supplies you will need: water, white vinegar, sponge and two dish towels. Most likely, you already have these things in the kitchen all ready. White vinegar is a good to keep around because it has a variety of uses.
  • Next, make sure the carafe is empty and rinse it out for good measure. Also make sure to clean out the filter as well. All parts of the coffee maker have to be empty.
  • Mix equal parts vinegar and water into the water chamber. This solution will help clean out all the inner workings of the coffee maker that you can’t see to clean manually. Quick Tip: Use the carafe to measure in order to make sure you are using the right quantity for both the vinegar and water.
  • Then, start the brew cycle, but don’t just let it run completely through. Stop it half way through and let the solution do its work for about an hour. Make sure you set a timer so you don’t forget about it while running around doing other things.
  • Once the hour is up, then turn the coffee maker back on to complete the brew cycle. Keep an eye on it though because you are not done just yet.
  • At the end of the cycle, empty out the solution and refill the water chamber with just water and run another brew cycle. Do this at least two more times for the best effect. You want to make sure there is no lingering vinegar still in there.
  • The final step is to make sure the exterior parts of the coffee maker are clean as well. Make sure to wash the carafe and filter basket thoroughly with soap and warm water and wipe down the outsides of the coffee maker as well. Scrub well so everything shines.

Congratulations! When this is all done, you should have a sparkling clean coffee maker that will deliver you many sips of eternal bliss. Your family members will always rejoice that they don’t have to tip toe around you anymore. Well, at least until it needs to be cleaned again. Next time, don’t wait until your coffee starts to taste stale before cleaning the coffee maker properly. Set up a regular time for it like you do other household chores. This way, you won’t keep pushing it off until some vague day in the future that if you were honest with yourself, will probably never come until you start spitting out your coffee again. Stale coffee just doesn’t give you that same needed boost in the morning than a nice fresh cup will, so be kind to yourself and your family, by cleaning out that coffee maker on a regular basis. Everyone deserves a good morning, right?

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