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How to Clean Your Home Air Filter

Many people are unaware that the air we breathe in our homes is almost six times more hazardous than the air we breathe outside our homes. Airborne particles become trapped inside, and the dirt and stale air have no outlet.Therefore a good clean air purifier can make a big difference in your health, particularly if you suffer from allergies or chronic illnesses. In a typical, modern city, there are thousands of different types of particles floating around in the air, and any one of them can be contributing to health problems.

Today, there are different kinds of home air purifiers. The most common ones are carbon, HEPA, UV light air purifiers, ZEOLITE, to mention a few. Each kind of purifier mentioned gathers contaminants; some of these air purifiers have a steel rod while others have a filter.

It is essential to have a clean air filtering system inside your home. The primary function of furnace filters is to keep the heat exchangers and coils on the air conditioning and heating system free of all the dirt. Since home air filters are made of highly efficient anti-microbial filters and motors that ensure pure, clean air at home, it is wise to keep the system functioning efficiently.


A furnace filter or air conditioning system filter can considerably decrease the dust in your home and give you an allergy free oasis from fall pollen and spring seasons. Below are some ways on how to clean air purifierr:

o Dusting/Rinsing/Spraying – For cleaning the home air filter, remove the air filter panel and clean the condenser and evaporator coils. Vacuum or brush the coils. Rinse the coils with a detergent and water mix using a garden sprayer/hose. Make sure you don’t rinse or spray the electrical parts of the air filter. The coils and fins should not be damaged. Clean the air filter on a regular basis to avoid moulding problem caused due to moisture inside the air-filtering unit.

o Steam cleaning – For steam cleaning air filters, special chemical filters are shot into an air conditioning unit by employing powerful high-pressure steam machines at approximately 150 pounds per square inch.

o Vapour steam cleaners – The vapour steam cleaners are easy and safer as they do not use chemicals but only dry steam. When the steam enters the air conditioning unit, all the moulds, fungi, dust mites and bacteria are instantly killed.

o Oiling – Liberally applies cleaning oil to the dirty side of the air filter. If you are using a squeeze bottle of oil, squeeze a bead of oil in the length of the crown of each pleat using the tip of the squeeze bottle as a guide. Use a bottle with a graduated view strip for dispensing the right amount of oil. If you are using an aerosol spray, use the same amount of oil along the length of the crown of each pleat. Wait for almost 25 minutes to allow the filter media to absorb the oil. Check the clean side of the filter for any lighter area. Continue the oiling procedure till you notice an even colour over the entire filter media.

Besides cleaning your furnace filters and air-conditioning filters, it’s essential to replace them, by your unit’s owners manual. If you have a high level of dust particles in the house due to recent renovations, use of candles or if someone smokes in the house, you should clean and replace the filters more often. Also, consider a regular replacement, particularly if a family member suffers from allergies, asthma or any lung diseases.

Air Pollution Control, especially in populous and polluted countries, is very difficult. But by using an air purifier, you can do your bit at least at your home. There are a lot of things that we use at home and which in the long run may prove harmful. These are things like sprays having insect poisons, aerosol sprays, cleaning agents and cigarette smoke. An air purifier especially if it is Australia made can easily help eliminate all this from the air around you.

Breathing in the poor quality air can have a lot of degrading effects in your body, but if you read the reviews, you will realise that the tiny equipment can help you lead a healthy life.

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