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The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets

Dirt in your carpets can often go unnoticed, especially with their complicated design of microfibers. The sad part is, the use of conventional cleaning methods or regular vacuum cleaners does not do much to remove this dirt. That is why we have done thorough research to assist you in finding the best vacuum cleaner for carpets; we have sorted out the best in terms of performance, price and reviews from verified customers. 


1. Airbelt D4 Vacuum Cleaner 

This is largely the best vacuum cleaner for carpets. It combines great cleaning power with utmost silence in delivering quality work. The Airbelt vacuum cleaner has long cords that give it a wide cleaning radius. In the process of cleaning, your carpets are well protected by the Airbelt D4’s soft bumpers and rubber wheels. This vacuum cleaner also features a clog indicator to help protect its micro-filters. Furthermore, it is designed with the latest steering technology to help you maneuver more comfortably. Its brushes are also designed in such a way that you can adjust the height to suit your needs; it also has lights that give a when the brush height is incorrect. These lights also help you observe and control the suction power. The Airbelt D4 is made in such a way that it is able to maneuver under various objects, thereby reaching the hidden surfaces of your carpets. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is installed with SEBO filters, which capture all dust particles and hairs. This feature makes the Airbelt D4 excellent for people with Asthma and other allergic reactions.  

2. The Roomba 650 

This is a robotic machine that cleans in possibly the most convenient way. Just by pushing a button, The Roomba 650 picks up almost all the dust and other unwanted items from your carpet. The good thing with this vacuum cleaner is that you can preset it so that it automatically cleans at the time of your own choosing. Fortunately, it works on almost all types of carpets; you can also use it on bare floors. Then, its height is just over 3 inches; thus it can fit under most of your fixtures, therefore leaving no hidden traces of dirt. The Roomba 650 uses artificial intelligence, meaning it can move about on its own, specifically avoiding obstacles and cleaning all the free parts of your carpet; you do not need to be there to supervise the cleaning process. Furthermore, it is self-charging meaning that when it goes low on power, it can move to its predetermine charging-zone and recharge. 

3. The Shark Navigator 

The Shark Navigator gives you great value for you cash from its many benefits. It has a canister that can be disconnected for portable cleaning purposes. All you need to do is push a button that enables you to detach the canister and manually clean parts that the whole machine finds difficult to reach. The good thing with this vacuum cleaner is that it is installed with HEPA filtering system, which enables it to shut in all dust particles from your carpets. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner is of multi-purpose use — you can use it for your carpets and for bare floors. 

4. Hoover Wind-Tunnel vacuum cleaner 

This vacuum cleaner is installed with a great steering apparatus for easy navigation around various obstacles. With a weight of just around 15 pounds, it is very easy to lift to your preferred destination. This vacuum cleaner has three channels for sucking dirt, so you can count on it to remove most of the dirt on your carpets. It also has a crevice tool that is able to clean cracks and other tight spaces that the whole machine is unable to reach. Furthermore, you can use this vacuum cleaner either for your carpets or for your bare floor. 

5. Miele S7 Series  

This is a high-technology vacuum cleaner that contains a steering handle for simplicity. It is made in such a unique way that you can operate it from an upright position or a horizontal one, thus enabling you to clean under your furniture too. The Miele S7 features a roller brush and a sealed cleaning system, both of which enable it to trap all your carpets’ microfibers. Something unique with this vacuum cleaner is that is has a long cord that enables it to reach a wide cleaning area Furthermore, you can maneuver from your carpets to your hard-wood floor and the Miele S7 will clean equally as good.

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