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The Best Microwaves for 2017

Microwaves in 2017 have become a necessity rather than a luxury that they used to be in the past. Some years ago, microwaves were only known for cooking and heating food. Currently, they have become an essential way of preparing meals. However, you think of purchasing one, there are a number of things that you should consider before buying.

One of the crucial aspect that you should always consider is the capacity and the size of a top microwave or countertop microwave. Choosing a microwave of the right volume and capacity is recommendable depending on your specific requirement. So always ensure that you select a microwave that is tailored towards meeting your specific requirements.

Once you have decided on the right size of your choice, the second thing that you need to consider is the power that it delivers or its strength. A good microwave can be known by a number of watts that it delivers. However, you should always remember that selecting a microwave that delivers excessive power will in most instances lead to overcooked meals. This, therefore, means that it will always be advisable to consult your technician before purchasing a microwave of your choice.


Another important consideration that you must make is inside the microwave. Nowadays the technology has advanced immensely and you, therefore, expect a good microwave to have a lot of functionality. Special add-on and tweaks are some of the aspects that you should not forget to consider. A desirable microwave needs to have a turntable that is stable and has enough width to facilitate even cooking of your food. Proper lighting in the microwave is also essential as it will give you a good perspective of the culinary subject.

Finally, never should you make a mistake of assuming that the higher the price of the microwave the better it is. This is a common mistake that many people make and ends up regretting afterward. This article provides you the best microwaves in 2017 that you need to to be aware of.

  1. Wilko Colourplay

Wilko Colourplay is the best microwave in the market. It is beautiful and comes in purple,teal, and green. With this microwave, you can be sure that your food will not have any cold spots as the microwave gives the best cooking services that you are actually looking for. This type o microwaves are efficient in energy and also have excellent value.

  1. Swan Retro

This is a vintage looking microwave that comes in several colors and for that reason, with this types of microwaves, you get get the color of your choice. It is big enough to fit all family size dishes and the fact that it has five power levels that are faster to operate makes it the best option when one is in hurry.

  1. Dunelm Candy Rose Microwave

Dunelm Candy Rose Microwave is a retro looking microwave. It comes pink, blue or pastel green. The name sounds unfamiliar to many people and this, therefore, gives it the prestige that it deserves since not many people who have it. Dunelm Candy Rose Microwave has a great ability to ensuring that your meals are evenly cooked. While it is considered smaller than most microwaves, it can still allow you to fit in a plate of about 25cm

  1. Samsung MS28J5255

Samsung MS28J5255 is a solo microwave that is less noisy than most of the microwaves in the market. So it is actually the best especially when you need to be in a quiet environment. In addition, this machine remains effective regardless of the length in which it has been in use. This is not common to many microwaves.

  1. Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs has its walls designed in a way that they have the ability microwaves inside the machine itself. This, therefore, means that it does not have the turntable making it be of its own kind. Cleaning the microwave is generally very easy however the lighting means are not as goo as you will expect.

  1. Miele Contour Line

Miele Contour is good when it comes to heating and defrosting. It is actually faultless. Another notable advantage of this type of microwave is that it is spacious to allow you move food freely and comfortably while you cook.

  1. Electrolux

This is the best for those who might be interested in cooking conventionally on regular basis. Its big size and space makes it perfect for larger families.

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