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What Is the Best Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner For Your Home?

A dual hose air conditioner helps to move air into the AC unit with the air being cooled off by a compressor and condenser coil. A second hose will get the cool air expelled out properly without using far too much energy in the process.

This is a great type of appliance to have in any room that needs added cool air. You might be amazed at how portable such a unit can be too. In fact, such a portable model can make a difference in your home as you can easily get it moved out to different spots in your home and provide different spaces with enough cool air as needed.


But you should still look carefully when finding a model that fits in well with your needs. The options you have to choose from when finding the best dual hose portable air conditioner are rather varied and deserve to be looked into with care.

Testing Is Important

We looked at multiple dual hose portable air conditioners to see how well they work. We tested each option in smaller rooms to see how well they could work and if the air generated by them could move around an entire room. We also looked to see how well each model could work based on how easy they are to control, move around a property and even in how they sound everything was checked to see how well each model could work without being far too difficult to handle in any case.

What Is the Best Choice?

The best dual hose portable air conditioner to look into is the Haier HPN12XCM. This is a comfortable unit that is easy to control and configure. This is a choice that can handle about 500 square feet of space at a time.

This 115-volt unit is made with a series of wheels that move easily around many surfaces. This also has a control panel that is simple and easy to work with. The wheels are especially important as this weighs 68 pounds and can be tough to carry around in some cases.

This is a very quiet model too. It operates at 56.5 dB when the lowest fan setting is active and 60 dB at the highest. The insulation foam on the inside of this might be a big factor for what makes it work but at the same time that feature is made to keep the air consistent in its quality and to keep from using too much energy.

This Haier model uses a good control panel and display feature although it works best when its own remote is used. The remote can set up a timer to make this work for a certain period of time.

One point about the Haier HPN12XCM to see is that it can take in excess moisture from the air with ease. It takes in about 4.2 pints of moisture every hour. This creates a more comfortable setup that is easy to apply in any room.

Still, it does take a bit for the filter and the hoses for this unit to be installed right. Also, the negative pressure generated to take in air can be tough to handle at times. This comes as comfortable air from other parts of a property may be gathered and used up.

What Other Options Are There?

In terms of other choices for the best dual hose portable air conditioner, the LG LP1215GXR is a choice to see. This option is a little louder and does not dehumidify a room as quickly as what Haier offers. It still uses a simple control scheme. It is also a very effective unit that is simple and easy to handle.

The Honeywell MN10CESWW is another option for a portable air conditioner to see. This is a little lighter in its design and only works with about 300 square feet of space but it also has the quietest fan available. The Whynter ARc-12S is also a great product that offers a better dehumidification feature. It also uses a heater option to help with getting warm air in during some of the cooler times of the year.

Finding the best dual hose portable air conditioner can be a challenge. The Haier HPN12XCM is our recommended option but feel free to look around to see what other choices are available for your use.

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